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World Peace

War is the biggest money making industry in the world.

We have to engage in non-violent communication and discussion. Everyone and all nations have to agree to make war illegal. If everyone agrees to make war and fighting illegal then no-one has to fight or has to be prepared to fight to defend themselves.

Creating world peace

It can be hard for us all to agree and always get along together as humans. But I think there should be a ban on all wars, and in place of them, when disagreements arise they should be taken to a discussion table where sides bring there case to be heard and resolved in the best way for all concerned.

Billions of pounds are spent on armament and wars each year. Many people have lost loved ones in many countrys all over the world over the decades, surely now we can all say no to war. Young people of the world do not wish to fight each other. Warmongering, profiteering 'leaders' should move on and let war become a relic of the past where it belongs.

Reinventing the susainable world will require a huge investment. We have that money; the problem is that it is being spent on weapons of mass destruction. If we could only trust each other somewhat, we could divert part of that military budget to building a secure world". Mark Edwards - Hard Rain.

"People are supposed to die for nations, and give up all their possessions for them, and put their children in the Army for them, and sacrifice everything to them". David Bohm - Changing Consciousness

"An eye for an eye just makes the whole world blind". Mahatma Ghandi

World peace may seem like an unachievable goal, but why shouldn't it be possible?

  • The US currently spends 44.4% of tax money on the military.
  • Global military expenditure per year stands at over $1.46 trillion and is rising.
  • 1.2 million Iraqis have been killed since the invasion of their country.

I can see a time soon when humanity could finally tire of this relentless agression and set down rules that the whole world agrees to, making all wars illegal.

Wise Leaders - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Need wise leaders
Not fighting leaders
Creating chaos
Need new fairer leaders
Who can inspire a greater vision.


Trust - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Leanring to trust each other
Other nations
Other people
Cannot continue
Wars, terrorism
Nuclear arms
We are all just people.