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Well being

We all need to fill up our "Love Cup" everyday. We can do this by giving, being caring and compassionate to all life. Kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, compassion and love all help to fill up our love cup.

Life is like spinning plates

Well being

We need to keep our well being, balance, vitality and zest for life. It may not always be easy as we are challenged in many ways in this demanding world. There are many things we can do to help maintain our wellbeing or to return to a better level of well being.

Things that can help are varied and different for everyone, but some things like exercise is a need for us all. Find something that suits you, it could be yoga, walking, swimming, using a mini trampoline, pilates or the gym.

There are many therapies that leave us feeling refreshed and uplifted too such as reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki, crystal healing and many others. Life at times can exhaust us leaving us feeling run down and weary. Give something back to yourself, a holiday a treat, or pursue a new hobby or career.

Depression is widespread in our communities these days. We can feel pressured in many ways these days from body images of perfection, pressure to achieve wealth, rising consumer debts, loss of employment, relationship issues, instability in economy and world issues are amoung some of the reasons we can feel low.

Approximately 12 million people take anti-depressants. In the UK depression has overtaken the common cold as the biggest cause of sick leave from work.

Kindness has been shown to help alleviate depression and it is also good for your heart and immune system. Studies show it can even help you live longer.

Well being Links

The Holistic Mermaid

Feelings - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Cry when you need to cry
And let your tears cleanse you
Laugh when you feel all that's funny
Let your laughing heal you
Smile when you enjoy the world
And let your joy fill you
Embrace with love and support
And let your hugs warm you
Share your wealths and good fortune
And let your gifts benefit you
And all those around you.