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H20 - Just add water

Whats in my water?

Billions of pounds are spent each year by water companies trying to remove an array of chemicals from our drinking water.

Chlorine and flouride are added to drinking water. They are both harmful. In France and Europe they disinfect drinking water with a process of ozonation. Ozonation adds oxygen to the water.

Our bodies are made up of 70% water. We can live longer without food than water. Although our present day water supply means we are free from many diseases that could be lethal to us, we have in this country a system of chlorinating the water supply, which is damaging us due to the chlorine and flouride added to it. Chlorine and fluoride are damaging to our health.The water structure can be changed by pollution and negativity as photgraphed by Masuru Emoto.

Our water can also include pesticides, nitrates, pcbs, residues of prescription pills and much more.

Our Water - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

What is in our water
Only 2.5% of the water on the planet still considered fresh
What is in our water
Chlorine, flouride,pesticides, antibiotic, contraceptive pills
Heart pills,any pills, PCP's,Detergents, disinfectants
Washing powders,heavy metals, fertilizers, nitrates
Water companies spending billions world wide trying to remove
We need to think
What goes into our waters
Chemicals changing the sex organs of fishes, early puberty in children
When will we all see what is happening, almost silently
And demand change.