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Namaste "The divinity within me salutes the divinity within you."


We are all spiritual beings in a physical body, experiencing life here on earth. There have been many exceptional people come to earth, some of the more recognized ones have established large groups of followers and religions. These wise people talked about love and respect for each other, kindness, treating each other as we would wish to be treated ourselves and much more. We can be inspired by many people and try to live by our highest ideals.

A sense of our true spirituality can come from many things, anything that can make us realise that we are more than just consumers on a treadmill without purpose or direction.

  • We are all connected to each other and a wider universe of life.
  • Respecting others means treating all things as if they were you.
  • All life has conciousness, humans, animals, plant life, earth and the environment and material objects, everything is alive, its atoms and cells.
  • We have the whole world in our hands when we touch something.
  • Try to leave things better than how we found them.
  • Respect begets a smoother life.
  • Learning to accept and love ourselves.

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The Shadow and The Sun - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

I saw the shadow side of life
As I grew from idealistic childhood expectaions
I saw the shadows that make a heaven into hell
I saw the shadows that can make life seem a bitter punishment
And no longer a joyous gift
I saw all kinds of cruelty and inhumanity
That brused my soul
And still
And still
The shadow cannot fill the heaven.