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Children need to feel valued in their homes and in society, knowing that there is a place for them in the world to fulfill their potential and dreams.

The love and care parents give to their children is like putting money in their bank account for them to spend for the rest of their lives.

Can we make learning for children better?

Are there alternatives to a mainstream schooling?

There are a growing number of children being home schooled, flexi-schooled or going to alternative schooling like steinner schools both in the UK and abroad.

Statistics show that home schooled and flexi-schooled children on average are two years more advanced of their equivelant school peirs and far outshine their age group academically.

Many parents may be worried about conventional schooling because of large class sizes, bullying, bad behaviour, tests and targets and also want a broader approach to education then is offered in normal schools.

Their are approximately 35,000 flexi-schooled and home schooled children in the UK, some of the activities that are encouraged in these alternative systems are, looking after animals, dance, painting, cooking, music, drama, singing, sailing, language lessons and time for play and creativity.

These varied activities build a system around the child, rather than stiffling a children to fit within the present system, this generates avid learners and vibrant, well rounded individuals.

Teaching - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Do our children require
All this structured leaning
Rigid learning
Although much good done
Still left wondering quite what I had learnt
For all those years
Of learning
Barely with the courage to continue my chosen path
And what of listening and watching with nature
Why do we find our children's hopes distinguished in a world
That isolates them
Turning against society
Thier world
Their hopes of a better world
How they thought it could be
To join an adult world
Their hopes of a better world hushed and crushed.