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The lungs of the Earth.

Rainforests the size of England are being destroyed for various reasons, logging for wood and paper (we could use hemp), palm oils, Cocaine, Oil, Gold and for ranching livestock and growing of crops to feed animals.

70% of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforests have been detroyed for beef production and the production of soya, (95% of which is to feed animals). Brazil ranches approx. 220 million cattle.Rainforests provide homes for 300million people many of whom are becoming displaced. Organic soya and companies like Provamel do not grow crops in these endangered areas.

Animal habitats are also being destroyed and there is a vast loss of biodiversity, new forests and monoculture crop growing that are planted cannot replace the centuries old delicate and complex infrastructure that is found in the old forests.

"Perhaps the single most important thing we can do to undo the harm we have done is to fix firmly in our minds the thought; the earth is alive. Once such a thought becomes instinctive we would know that we cannot cut down forests for farmland to feed ourselves without risking the destruction of our home planet. Farmland and tree plantations cannot serve as a replacement for natural forests that have evolved with their environment over millions of years and once served to keep the climate tolerable and the air good to breath" James Lovelock. Earthy Realism Gaia Theory.

In different parts of the World we are experiencing Arctic ice loss, melting permafrosts, melting glaziers, droughts and floods.

Trees and the rainforests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Trees produce the oxygen we all need and help to absob CO2. Trees and rainforests help to regulate the climate and the atmosphere.

Orangutans are close to extniction due to the world's demand of palm oil mainly in foods and body products, and now palm oil is being used in biofuels- see

Orangutans only remaining wild habitat is in Borneo and Sumtra where forests are being cleared, they are on the Red List for endangered species.Avoid foods and products with palm oil, write to stores etc. explaining why you don't want palm oil in your products.