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There is no need for anyone to live in poverty! So why is it happening?


Almost half the people on earth (3 billion people) survive on less than $2 a day. The absolute poorest live on $1 a day, (1.1 billion people). These people cannot even meet their basic needs for adequate food, clean water and shelter.

  • 1/3 of the worlds population lives in the rich world. We consume 80% of the worlds goods.
  • Over a million people die each year from diarrhoea.
  • 200 million children work around the world.
  • Billions of people live in water stressed areas or have no access to safe drinkable water.

In 1970 droughts in Africa led to Band Aid. It has now been learnt that the drought may of been caused by western air pollution from cars and power stations, particles of soot, ash and sulphar compounds effect and displace rainfall.

Over 125,000 Indian Farmers have commited suicide in the largest human mass suicide.Since the late 90's G.M terminator seeds have been sold to Indian farmers. They were promised bumper crops. However, the crops need double the amount of water compared to tradtional seeds, rain falls failed and because the terminator seeds cannot be collected by the farmers for the next year farmers face addtional expense to buy seeds again. Many farmers have got into debts that has overwhelmed them and left them so desperate and hopeless that they have killed themselves en masse.The farmers often leave behind wives and children who then cannot pay the large debts and most loose their land and become homeless, landless people, who join the growing numbers of people begging on the road side or living in slums.

Due to poverty millions of people are being smuggled across boarders and countries each year, many end up in prositition or in garmnet sweatshops having paidlarge sums of money to their smugglers. This situation festers inhumane conditions such as overcrowded living,violence and even torture.

  • Intensive farming, free markets and cheap foods create hunger.
  • 70% of the worlds poorest people live in rural areas and depend directly or indirectly on agriculture.
  • Some two million farmers have left agriculture under the flood of cheap food.
  • 1/3 of worlds population are malnurished.
  • Stress from food insecurity affects peoples ability to think, work and plan.
  • 1 in 10 children in the UK live in Dickension housing conditions.

We have to admire the many people who stand up for human rights and equality.People such as Nelson Mandela who became the figure head for the over throwing of the unjust apartheid system that brutally treated the native people of Africa as if they were unworthy and unequal human beings.Sadly there are many cases of unjustices in our history and around the world today.When any individual abuses their power and forgets their responsibilty, morality,humanity, compassion, understanding towards others and all life, animal, human and environmental, terrible things can be done.

Aids has had a devastating impact on many Arfican people. Annette Monatague Thomas set up the gnhct,in response to this suffering.Annette has set up an orphanage,she is a herbalist and treats patients to help improve their immune system.She works tirelessly to help adults and children pick up the pieces of their broken lives.To help support her new projects please see her website.

Blessings for Children - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

If I were a granter
Of blessings
I would grant you all the blessings
A child deserves to have
To be a protected child
A nurtured child
A well loved child
Able to be a child
In a world that gives you all this
With parents not destroyed by life
With parents cherished too, So that they too
Can cherish you.

Inspired by the work of Camila Batmanghelidgh, Kids Company.

Aids - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Who will look after my baby
As I will surely die
For I have seen those around me
Who although do not dare to tell
Suffer indescribable hell
Who will look after my children
Who will look after me
This slow death penalty
But cannot be found guilty
Within our hearts
Why this death penalty.

Written about the amazing work of Annette Montague-Thomas with her charity for aids orphans Global Natural Health Care Trust, gnhct.