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Organic foods

Pesticide free, safer for the environment, wildlife and surrounding people. Avoid the rising cocktail of chemicals in our bodies.

Organic, GM and chemical free please

Despite the FSA agency reporting that organic foods are no better than non-organic, there is plenty of information showing otherwise.

Many pesticides have neurotoxic, carciniogenic and hormone disrupting capabilities. Studies have shown that very low doses of pesticides can disrupt hormone systems at levels significantly lower than previously considered safe.

Organic foods do not use agrochemicals such as fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Therefore, these chemicals are not carried on the air which can damage the health of people in the surrounding areas, injested into ourselves, or found flowing into our streams, rivers, seas and eventually water supply, entering the animal food chain and ourselves.

Long term exposure and multiple residues as in the cocktail effect are linked to human illnesses.

  • 25 million tonnes of pesticides are used around the world each year.
  • 31,000 tonnes of pesticides are used just in the U.K each year.

Britain pays at least £163 million each year in hidden costs of pesticides. Pesticides have been linked to the decline in the bee population.

GMO Foods

The claims that GMO foods are safe does not come from independant data.

G.M foos have resulted in chemical resistant 'super weeds' that even the GM industry admit need older, more dangerous methods to control.

Pecticide residues in GM animal feed are not monitored, so people don't know what levels of pesticides are being consumed.

Native species of maize in Mexico are now contaminated with GM, even though growing maize is banned there. Patented GM crops give companies like, Monsanto and Bayer unprecidented control over our food supply.

Poem - Pesticide Mist by H.Louise Ashley

They spread on mists so fine,The mist
The sprayed fields that surround us
The depleted soils in fields
Then added to
The bugs to be killed
Who else effected too
The wildlife
The people breathing in
The mist a teacherous cocktail
Into our waters it flows
And who knows to what end
The sprayed fields
This cocktail
This liquid
The pesticide mist to neighbours
Their health at risk,The wildlife
the plants are dying
The soil still so depleted
The whole life cycle cheated.

Inspired by Georgins Downs Pesticide Campaign.