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Organic clothing

Its Cool to Care - Organic Fashion

Why choose organic clothing?

Approximately 25% of all pesticides in the world are used by the production of cotton.

Over 20,000 people die each year from the effects of pesticides, mostly in developing countries and many other people suffer from illnesses related to pesticides including the pollution of animals, land and water.

There are a growing number of organic and fairtrade clothing ranges available today. Hemp clothing is another greatly expanding market. Hemp (not the smoking kind) has a high yield and doesn't need pesticides and herbicides to grow. It requires little maintance, grows in most areas of the world and requires far less water than cotton to grow.

It takes over 2,000 litres of water to produce the average T-shirt. Organic and Fair Trade farming has helped cut the water consumption in cotton farming by 60%.

Hemp can be used to make many products including plastics.

Organic Clothing Websites & Suppliers

People Tree


Braintree Hemp

Kuyichi Jeans


Katharine Hamnett

May - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Billions of pounds
Spent on clothing
Each year
Little of that
Is Fairtrade
Exploitative sweatshops
Child labour
For our throw away fashion society
Proftits for stores
Cheap clothing for us
Many workers
In developing countries suffering
Many deaths from pesticides.

See Safia Minney's Book 'By Hand'.The Fair Trade Agenda.