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Why August?

The wonders of Nikola Tesla's free energies.

Free Energies.

There are various free energy devices that could of been developed.

Nikola Teslas invention powered the entire World Science Fair in Chicago in 1893, where upon President Cleveland delivered this opening speech in honour of Tesla.

"Let us hold fast to the meaning which underlies this ceremony, and let us not lose the impressiveness of this moment.  As by a touch the machinery that gives life to this vast Exposition is now set in motion, so at the same instant let our hopes and aspirations awaken forces which in all time to come shall influence the welfare the dignity, and the freedom of mankind."

The great inventor Nikola Tesla worked throughout his life on a "free world energy system" for the transmission of electrical energy without wires that depended only upon the electrical conductivity of the earth.

There are free energies that can be used to help set people free from the constant pressure of household bills and which are also safe and harmless to the environment. It looks like this was achievable some time ago!

Free Energy Websites

Renewable Energy UK

Vested Interests - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Who would blame us
Excited by materialism
Too long living in poverty squalor
Who would not relish the comforts
Of modern life,Our challenge now
To improve life
With minimum impact on other life
The environment
Not to let low impact inventions be suppressed
By vested interests
Surely we now realise
The interest is survival for us all.