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Since the 1950's Britain has lost 60% of it's apple orchards and many varieties have been wiped out. There has been a general loss of vitality, minerals and vitamins in our foods, since the moving away from seed saving, traditional farming methods such as crop rotation, the introduction of pesticides, hybrid and GMO seeds.

A well balanced vegan, plant food diet is a healthy way to go.

There is a large a mount of research showing that our conventional diet high in animal and dairy products, heated fats, processed and junk foods containing additives, colouring and flavourings is detrimental to our health.

Research shows that moving to a diet that includes plenty of vegetables ( especially dark green veggies), fruits, wholegrain foods containing fibre, nuts and seeds (to obtain the omega oils) is beneficial to health and well being. 

For further information please see my Dietary Information and Food Checklist.

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