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Fairtrade guarantees a livelihood for some of the poorest people in the world.


The 'free trade' market that has been established, is mainly governed by greed, indifference and oppression. It has in the main led to the few gathering wealth over the many and most vulnerable and poorest people in the world.

Around the world millions of small scale farmers have been unable to compete within this system, where large corporations have gained power farmers have been driven to bankruptcy.

2 million farmers have left agriculture due to cheap food cuts.Yet supermarket shareholders continue to get increased profits.U.S and Europe pay their farmers subsidies to overproduce commodities like cotton and sugar, thereby lowering world prices for poor farmers in poor countries.

"Human beings are incalculably more important than profits". Schumacher

Fairtrade Ensures...

  • A minimum price in guarenteed
  • Fair trade premium, extra investment to use for communities and schooling etc
  • Decent wages
  • The 'dirty dozen' of chemicals are forbidden on certified fairtrade farms and more empasis towards organic practices
  • Greater protection of humans, animals, waterways and the environment

Fair Trade - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Fair Trade
How many people suffered
To make this
Make it Fair