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Salad with a tahini dressing
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Apple & strawberry smoothie
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Asparagus & tofu steam fry
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Hemp milk
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Raw apricot & pear jam
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Alkaline smoothie
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Bread no butter pudding
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Louise has an amazing range of recipes. Healthy vegan, cooked and raw food recipes which all the family can enjoy, yummy!

There is a growing amount of research showing that our conventional diet, high in animal and dairy products, heated fats and processed foods containing additives, colourings and flavourings is detrimental to our health.

Research shows that moving to a diet that includes a wide variety of coloured vegetables (especially dark green veggies), fruits, wholegrain foods containing fibre, nuts and seeds (to obtain the essential omega oils 3,6 and 9) without using heated oil and fats is beneficial to health.

Food Checklist

  • It may take a little adjusting, if you are used to eating meat, dairy and high fat foods. But your taste buds will re-adjust in time and you will come to prefer foods that are lighter to eat made from vegan, plant food sources that are low in fat.
  • Try to buy organic foods whenever you can. Despite the FSA reporting that organic foods are no better than non-organic foods, there is plenty of information showing otherwise. See organic foods section.
  • Avoid hydrogenated and trans fats, oils and heated oils. Keep the use of cold pressed oils to a minimum, I use olive and Udo's. Try to obtain your essential fatty acids EFA's from nuts, seeds (including Flax), fruits and vegetables.
  • Try to eat approximately 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods. Alkaline foods are vegetables and fruits. Acid foods are meat, dairy and eggs (which I don't use), grains and beans and any foods made from these products, see dietary info for more details.
  • Try to eat around 50% raw foods, such as in salads or smoothies.

You can still enjoy your favorite foods made in a vegan plant food based way. Foods such as pizza's, curries, soups, burger and sausage subsitutes, gravies and sauces, dips, nut and seed milks, puddings, cakes and ice-creams.

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