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Team Members

We are all part of a community.

Your Community

We all need to feel valued, capable and accepted human beings. We need to feel safe and that we can trust our families. The social network of people in work and our immediate and wider community.

Despite many of the rich countries in the world having more material goods, the countries which have the largest differences between rich and poor also have the most anxiety and depression among adults and children and adults have more social problems such as violence.

Domestic violence is on the increase in the U.k. 300,000 children live with serious domestic violence.See Repair Project. 100,000 children run away from their homes each year.

"A sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ". John Stein Beck. Travels with Chasely

We are realizing that consumerism, materialism isn't the sole answer to our needs as human beings. We can learn to come together on a level of mutual respect and tolerance towards each other and each country and the earth we live on.

It is vital that everyone feels included, valued and respected in our communities. Approximately 17% of people are socially isolated. We can all join groups, volunteer or make our own ways of uniting with people.

Blessings for Children - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

If I were a granter
Of blessings
I would grant you all the blessings
A child deserves to have
To be a protected child
A nurtured child
A well loved child
Able to be a child
In a world that gives you all this
With parents not destroyed by life
With parents cherished too, So that they too
Can cherish you.

Inspired by the work of Camila Batmanghelidgh, Kids Company.

Community - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Apart in our homes
We keep ourselves
Making friends with the televsion screen
And it's character's
At a safe distance
Often replacing human contact
Lonely people, facing the world
Wanting to be loved accepted
By each other
Our sister our brother.