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Animal testing

No need to test on animals.

Millions of animals are tested in laboratories and have their hearts and other vital organs damaged deliberately. They are poisoned with toxic chemicals and exposed to many dreadful experiments.

Many tests are done for products like toiletries and household products when there are many safe alternative products that can be used which do not involve animal testing.

Animals respond differently to tests than humans;

  • 9 out of 10 new drugs successful in animal trials go on to fail in human trials
  • Drug side effects are the fourth biggest killer in the western world
  • 82% of Doctors are concerned that animal data can be misleading

Animal testing opinions

"To a real degree, the people who get the drug in the first few years after the approval are being experimented on" Dr Brian L Storm, Professor of Biostatics & Epidemiology, University of Pennsylvania.

"We do trials on people because animal models do not predict what will happen in humans" Dr Sally Burtles, Cancer Research UK.

"Animals are very, very poor predictors of human metabolism" Dr Stephan Dueker, President & founder of Vitalea Science, California.

"Animal testing should be compared with the superior methods now available... New methods which are more reliable and relevant will benefit everybody; the public, the environment, businesses and laboratory animals" Dr Caroline Lucus, Green MEP.

Superior methods available are microdosing, human testing, microfluid chips, human DNA chips, computer simulations and UK bio bank.

"A flood of new data on human genetics is making drug research in animals redundant. If you have information on human genes, whats the point in going back to animals?" Dr Gordon Baxter, Chief Executive Officer, Biowisdom Ltd, Cambridge UK.

Testing, Testing- Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Many doctors now question the viability
Of animal testing
For drugs.
Many innocent animals
Tested on
When there are safe natural substances that can
Be used instead of synthethic chemicals
Safe gentic tests available
Far superior
So no need for animal testing
That could be my pet.

The Truth- Poem by H.Louise Ashley

The truth hurts and so we close our eyes.