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After World War 2 intensive farming methods were introduced creating even more cruelty and distress to animals. As most people consider themselves to be animal lovers it is shocking to find out what really goes on in the lives of animals around the world that people are unaware of. 2 out of 3 farmed animals are intensively reared.

Animals deserve respect and a good quality of life too.

Animals can suffer in many ways in our food system. Animals are like humans they feel and sense as we do. They have emotions like love, fear, loneliness, fear of pain and separation.

The intensive factory farming industry that grew after World War II, led to many changes in how animals were raised and even to changes in the shape of animals. This is seen in the broiler or meat chicken which grows at twice the rate of normal chickens and is subjected to indoor confined spaces, sitting in their own excrement and with legs that can barely allow them to stand. Cows have now being bred to produce huge volumes of mik and live approximately five years when their natural life span is around twenty years.

Only 25,000 lions exist in Africa today, due to poisoning, poaching, habitat loss, trophy hunting and body parts being used in Chinese medicine. The species is down by around 75% in 30 years. The African elephant is endangered, we need to ban the trade in ivory, if we don't act now then we could see the elephant extinct.

"Our task must be to free ourselves, by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty" Albert Einstein - A vegetarian.

There are many injustices to our fellow creatures, please see the Viva website.  

Jack Cousteau Seas - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

I loved, To see
The Sea
Through the lens
Of Jack Cousteau
The beautiful waters
The amazing fishes
We cannot loose
The sea's of Jack Cousteau.