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Alternative money systems

"We cannot keep following the doctrine that more growth is better. Rather we should ask, is it sustainable, ethical and compassionate for people, animals and the environment Always putting power and profit at the top of an agenda creates negative consequences and eventualities."

"To amass wealth at the expense of the weak is a false and dismal science, It spells death. True economics stands for social and moral values" Mahatma Gandhi.

Alternative systems

The current money system based on interest is unsustainable and unfair, many cultures will not use interest charged on money. The free trade market which would seem to be fair has in fact has encouraged larger corporations to be able to take advantage of the weaker and more vulnerable in the world especially in developing countries.

We need to adopt acceptable ways of exchanging our goods, bartering, lets systems and encourage co-operatives, partnerships, fair trade and the spreading of wealth and power, responsible respectful exchanges in money dealings.

There are now ethical banks that do not invest in military hardware and animal testing.

Free Trade Vs Fair Trade

The conventional 'Free trade market' is mainly governed by greed, indifference and oppression. It has lead to the few gathering wealth over the many, especially in developing countries where millions of small scale farmers have been unable to compete and have been driven to bankruptcy.

Fair trade can insure the basics of life are affordable, and guarantee a fair price when markets can easily drop and the farmers are the ones who usually get the cut in prices. We need to establish fair trade for British farmers too many of whom have lost their businesses through harsh supermarket systems. For example, we have lost 60% of our British apple orchards in the last sixty years and many varieties of apples have been wiped out.

"Turning corporations loose and letting the profit motive run amok is not a prescription for a more liveable world". Tom Scholz

Vested Interests - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Set people
More free services
Free energies
Remove the bondage
Around people.

Money System - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

The money system
Is imploding
As not based
On fairness
Money from interest
New ways Needed
To make money
Go around.

New Ways - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

We need to find new ways
Of people sustaining life
Industry and economic turn downs
Reductions in economic growth
New ways of exchanging our goods
Skills, Bartering
Lets systems
Swopping goods
People need to be freed of smothering bills
They drain and lead to an early grave
Interest against universal law
That create our present system, but is not sustainable, fair
We need to ethical, organic, fairtrade, eco inventions
Find new ways of setting people financailly free
Sustainable and fair ways for everyone
And the environment and earth we live on.

Budgets - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

Who budgets the world
As there is enough to go around
Who budgets the money, food unfairly
That deprives
And starves
And over works
Robotizes the human soul
Makes this earth almost sterile
The plants and wildlife leave
If their homes are taken away
They die
They are gone
Who budgets the world for this.

Money - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

What would you do for money
What would they have you do
For money.

The Fear - Poem by H.Louise Ashley

The fear
The need, the human greed
When we make people afraid
Of not having enough
Their needs not met
They may rob
Their low income
Making people slaves
The environment too
We will rob the environment
To feel safe and comfortable
Steal from it so much
Without listening
Without saying thankyou
Without saying sorry
Or being able to change.