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Can we make things better?


About Louises Poetry book..

"I love the book, I loved the poems.....I really, really liked it." Benjamin Zephaniah

"Loved it" Heather Mills, celebrity, owner V Bites restuarant

"Louise is truly creative, it's rare to find that kind of innocence and passion and of course she lives in Cornwall, my spiritual home. I can feel the Cornish inspiration in her work, it makes me desperate to get to the sea again."
Janey Lee Grace, Radio 2 presenter and Author -Imperfectly Natural Woman,
Imperfectly Natural Home, Imperfectly Natural Baby and Toddler.

"In Survival in a Wounded World, Louise tackles the complexities of our modern lives (capitalism, pesticides and slave labour) with ease and drives her points home succinctly, without fuss and with lyrical sanguinity.  Her passion for her subject matter is evident throughout and, despite the gravity of much of the material, Louise manages to weave some very buoyant and enchanting humour throughout her wordplay.  This is poetry that is inclusive.  It appeals to all ages and to a wide demographic.  I dare say that you'll like it even if you're not a poetry lover!"
Juliet Gellatley, founder & director, Viva!

"Hi to everyone who has the joy of reading any poem by Louise Ashley.
I am the Founder of a small registered charity called The Global Natural Healthcare Trust
I met Louise some years back. No I am not sure how! she just arrived in my life and I felt I had known her forever. This lady radiates love and healing wherever she walks. Louise spreads her love and healing around the world doing whatever she can for everyone. Her poetry book is constantly in my handbag and my companion on long haul flights to Africa where I feel I have Louise beside me in clinic as we reach out to those that are afflicted and affected by HIV/AIDS".
Annette Montague-Thomas

We have to find new ways of living, to live in harmony with each other, the environment, animals and mother earth.

The level of pollution, rainforest destruction, loss of biodiversity, poverty, starvation, animal cruelty, wars, consumerism at the expense of people, animals and the environment, stress, loss of community, lack of enployment, bills that keep people on a tread-mill so they can never really relax and escape means life is getting less comfortable for more and more people around the world.

Unfortunately, we can think this is the way it has to be. But things could be done a lot better, infact they have to be different for us to survive environmentally, socially and spiritually.

We are more than consumers, we have become increasingly spellbound with materialism. We need to balance ourselves along with the great material and technological advancements life can bring us and also live in harmony with the environment and our inner selves.

We can no longer keep going as a society with the increasing greed of large corporations wanting more, faster; cheaper at the expense of people the environment and animals.

We need to look at different ways of doing things.

When we make better choices in the world from the things we buy I.e. Organic and Fairtrade or Vegan we help create a better life and stardard of living for the people producing our goods, help reduce the pollution of the planet, help to feed everyone in the world and reduce human and animal suffering and reduce loss of biodiversity.

When we create a world that is based on fairness, co-operation, respect and trust we can begin to evolve as a world, by taking away the worst of what is happening now. We have to know it can be different, it does not have to be this way, this bad.

New ways, new solutions, green chemistry, biomimicry, co-operatives, bartering, land swops, food swops, vegan, cooked and raw foods, organic, chemical free household and body products, no animal testing, free energies, flexible work time, connecting within our body, mind and spirit.

We are all connected to each other, the animals and the world. Therefore, even the simplist action can directly change things for the better. Do what you can, even if it feels like it is only one tiny thing.

"Everything is related. The yellow butterflies you see need the Assai nectar to survive & similarly the Assai needs the shade of the Mahogany tree to flourish to it's full potential.

As soon as these delicate balances become manipulated, the future for all these wonderful forests is unknown. Cattle ranches & oil extractors do not understand the needs of the forest. If they did they wouldn't be cutting it down".
Marinelson Brilhante, Brazilian Agro-Forester

May - A Poem by H.Louise Ashley

May the needy
Be granted their wants
May the lonely
Find friendship
May the hungry
Be fed
May the homeless
Be homed
May the unhappy
Find happiness
May the unfulfilled
Find their passion
May the unapppeciated
Be rewared
May the loveless
Find love
May the greedy
know giving
May the oppressors
Find conscience
May humanity
Find it's way.